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Great Sunday Art & Craft fairs in Budapest

2012.12.04. 11:35 | Magyarósi Csaba

Sometimes the inner city of Budapest can get deserted especially during the summer months when citizens are heading towards lake Balaton, even if sitting in mile long traffic jams. There are some touristy areas still busy of course but the local life seemingly slows down.

Luckily more and more markets and craft fairs opening offering a fun way of getting to know the locals, the city and shop some quality local products, antiques, art and craft.

The first of these fairs this year is the one called "WAMP" on Erzsébet square being held on the 12th August. A few streets away there is another market open every weekend. 'Gouba' is located between Gozsdu court and Király street.


These fairs only offer quality goods. Merchants go through a strict screening procedure by a specialist panel and only the best applicants able to display their products. Variety is also a point the organisers pay attention to and aim to invite many different and new crafts people, artists to their events.

Looks that most people know this, as by 11am the place usually gets very busy. When we were there we indeed saw a large variety of different products. There was a bookbinder for example, then I found a retro toy Russian tank I used to played so much with as a child, it didn't seem as heavy as it used to! There were handcrafted jewelry stands, saw some creepy dolls with real hair, hand made cards decorated with pressed flowers. These are just a few to mention. There are so much to look at Gouba and we did find many items that we would have liked to buy.




To sum it up the atmosphere is excellent, there are live bands playing and live performances going on. There are more and more pretty cafes, restaurants and sheesha lounges opening in the area. If you have nothing better to do get yourself down to Gouba and make sure you finish it off with a nice glass of Hungarian wine or some Hungarian beer!

Gouba bazaar

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