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The best biscuits in Budapest: La Delizia

2012.12.04. 11:21 | Magyarósi Csaba

Biscuits are a novelty for people in Budapest. Most of them have'n got a glue what to do with this very popular 'food' in other European countries.

Up until quite recently we were exactly the same. The biscuit is a very dry and boring thing and if you have a good old-fashioned granny, she will make it into drums, soak them in rum, mix some chocolate in and pumps this dough until it becomes a proper cake.

Than one day we visited La Delizia Biscuit Manufacture on Jókai street 13. and EVERYTHING has changed, since that day I became a fan of biscuits. You may mock me for this!


The place is a family business, this was the main reason why we went there after their kind invitation made. Éva Oczella and her hubby were coming back home from skiing this January and on the long journey they came up with the idea of this biscuit manufacture.


They were munching on Eva's homemade cookies and then they decided to make a business out of it. They quit their previous secure well paying jobs for this idillic dream, and 6 month ago they have opened up their dream shop.



They have plenty of recipes from all around the world (Italy, Germany and local too): home-made jam filled ones, chocolate ones, chilli ones, cookies with cinnamon, coconut, and so on... the list is endless. We have tasted almost all, and please allow me to tell you about my fans: moorish kiss which reminds me of macaroons, which morrishly chocolaty, and you can definitely OD yourself on it and the mixed in almonds are just the exra added bonus.





Not to mention the candied orange biscuit, in which you can precisely taste the quality ingredients and you would definitely tell the shopping list for it. From now on I would always have this with my cuppa. Oh, and the coconut-berry biscuit... the shortbread base with the slightly sour taste of he berry with a pinch of coconut .... Heavenly.

And down to the rough and dirty, cca 30 cookies for 4 EUR, this would make a nice companion for teas and coffees, and just the right sweet ending of a dinner. Worth every penny!

La Delizia
1066 Budapest, Jókai u. 13. Hungary

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