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Cool pubs in Budapest: Méter

2013.03.21. 07:13 | anoushka

The place just opened, we even went to the opening party and here is a photo to prove it:


And also, I will be shamelessly using the official party pictures from the place’s Facebook page throughout the article. Just telling you.  

We went by for a drink and fully accomplished our mission, just like Méter does. There is a new, authentically furnished bar in Budapest. Méter simply looks good, well thought-out or at least you can see that they looked around for some fresh ideas. For example, there is a cage that really is a bar, which you can sit around and get served at. Above that you can find some light bulbs stuck in glass jars, which look amazing, even if it isn’t the first time we’ve ever seen them: 



But the fact that hot twins pour your drink is so infinitely awesome that it no doubt makes the bar stand out, so that’s definitely one of the main reasons to stop by Méter (the first picture does not do the girls justice!):



The trick is that they measure everything in meters, a sandwich is 33 cm so a third of a meter:


They give you one meter of drinks (which would be about 3.3 feet for those of you not familiar with the metric system) that actually comes down to – if I’m not mistaken – one liter. 


On the wall you can find a list of things based on how many meters away they are from Méter.


Good news: your dick does NOT get measured in either of the toilets! 


The prices are average for the city center, as is their menu. As we were having a smoke outside the bar (full even on its opening day), we were talking about how many nice places there are in Budapest and how hard it is to stand out these days. Would Méter have been incredibly awesome five years ago? Sure! But now there are so many original, good quality places in the city, even on this street alone, that it’s extremely hard to create something that truly fascinates everyone. 


But maybe that’s all right. Maybe it will be enough, if Budapest gets so full of cool places that the bad one will slowly disappear. That would be nice…


Budapest, Kazinczy utca 31

Opening hours: 4 PM - 2 AM

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