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A piece of countryside in Budapest: Kazimír bistro

2013.04.09. 08:40 | boussa

You are walking along the Kazinczy utca and you get to the turn that makes this whole street so adorable. You are just staring in front of you to see what is behind the turn and you simply miss to notice the Kazimír bistro. I have also passed it more than a dozen times before I have realized that 'Hey, there's a place'


Which is quite good. You will not believe your eyes if you enter the backyard. It is so organized and everything is so calm as if you were in a rich small town in the countryside and not in the middle of the party district of Budapest.


The atmosphere won't be different inside it is just a little bit more urbanized. There is nothing trendy inside. This place is rather classical and calm, like the secessionist synagogue on the other side. Just take a look at the door pattern on the right side of the picture:


And now let's take a look outside through the window:


Of course I haven't noticed this before. Usually I do not notice things. Though I have seen that the walls are decorated by the paintings of Marcus Goldson.


Goldson's paintings cannot be mistaken because he represents our Budapest in such a kind way like no one else, who was born here. By the way my first post was about him on my hungarian blog ( more than three years ago (ok, not the first one but the fortieth, but according to the other thousand posts so far it is amongst the first ones).So the interior is great. It also contributes to the atmosphere that usually the Kazimír isn't full of guests, there isn't a huge crowd, which is obviously an unpleasant circumstance for the owners.However it is open until 4 am. I cannot imagine better shelter than this during the night. Teas and coffees are alright, the staff is kind and even if you have ordered something in a stupid way and you also know that he knows that it was your mistake they handle the situation with a huge smile and they bring more milk or whatever you need without a word.And the menu is great. Let's start with the chicken soup. You won't eat anything like this even at your grandma:


Let's take a look at it bit closer:


It is full of meat! With huge, delicious pieces of meat. It is almost a whole chicken. And you can also find the heart of the chicken in it. Not only one, but more than that. And fresh vegetables too. I swear this was the best traditional soup I have ever eaten in Budapest so far. The mushroom with sour cream and pepper was also delicious but not as good as the soup. The noodle was quite good, but somehow you could taste too much caraway in it. It wasn't that bad, but sometimes less is more.


However, you must try the apple strudel. A whole chicken was grinded into the soup and in this case something beautiful has happened to the apple. If I were an apple I would die in a pastry like this:


Good news is that the food is not only great, but also cheap: a three course meal is for 1190 HUF only. You have to visit the Kazimír bistro so it could stay there for a long time. Talking of Kazimír... you have to watch 'Kasimir and Karoline' in Örkény Theater, because that's a really good play.

Kazimír bistro
Budapest, Kazinczy utca 34.
Mo-Fr: 08:00-04:00
Sa-Su: 10:00-04:00

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