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The proof that there are no gangsters: Suttogó piano bar

2013.04.19. 07:33 | boussa

When I first heard about the Suttogó piano bar I decided to visit it one day. Statements: small cellar under the ground in Pest in the Hajós utca, comfy sofas, mysterious lights and a jazz pianist every night, who plays only for a few people who are there. So one day we visited the place with…

Tags: fun

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Abszolút Pho: filling Vietnamese soup in the Kazinczy utca

2013.04.18. 07:40 | boussa

It is slowly going to be an impossible mission to try each and every new place, to eat everywhere, write about everything. But what is worse - or better - is to get to really cool places because there are so many openings nowadays. For instance regarding Aboszolút Pho I was flirting with the idea…

Tags: gastro

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The best Hungarian food in Budapest: Kádár

2013.04.17. 10:31 | boussa

We are launching a new series on the blog because together with you we also love series: we found out where the best burgers, gyros' and ice creams are in Budapest and now so to fill the gap we are about to search for restaurants where we can get decent Hungarian food on a…

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Spíler: Ruin pub 2.0 in downtown

2013.04.16. 09:13 | boussa

There are places which become simply successful. There's nothing to do with quality, because there are several great competitors and nobody cares about them, until someone turns the spotlight on them.Quality is important but that's not all. You need a good concept, loads of money to advertise the…

Tags: gastro premium fast food hungarian cuisine

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