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Two bloggers who love Budapest telling you why, with the support of Helpers, Hungary’s leading business and immigration services provider.

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About Us: the Best of Budapest (a.k.a. A Day In The City) featuring Helpers Hungary

2015.04.09. 13:49 | Magyarósi Csaba

The founders of the Best of Budapest blog started writing about why they love living in the capital of Hungary on their Hungarian site “Egy nap a városban” (“a day in the city”) back in 2010. As they love to roam the streets of the city and discover all the hidden nooks and crannies, they really know Budapest by heart: they know the best shortcuts, the most beautiful views, the history of emblematic buildings, and even their secrets; they know where to drop in for a coffee and where to eat a nice, rare steak; they know where to spend a lazy afternoon or a fun night.

Since exploring the city is something they do for their own pleasure as well as for their eager readers, they usually visit the sites, bars and restaurants incognito, as paying guests – unless otherwise indicated. As their main goal is to recommend the best places, if they don’t like one, they simply do not write about it. This way the reviews are not only totally legitimate and unbiased, but what you see on the blog is a selected and edited, credible recommendation, rather than an overwhelming directory of venues.

Over the years, the blog has gained more and more popularity. This is not surprising, since not only do the writers know the city, but they also know how to write about it in a way that captures, amuses, and intrigues their readers. This is best demonstrated by the fact that they have 15.000 readers daily, while more than 37,000 people follow the Hungarian blog’s Facebook page, liking and sharing the articles, events and photos regularly. Once a venue receives a raving review on A Day in the City, it is not unusual to see long lines outside its doors just a few hours later – readers take these recommendations quite seriously!

In 2012, the founders thought that the knowledge accumulating on the blog might be useful for foreigners in Budapest, so they launched their English site, Best of Budapest. For the last two years, some of the most relevant articles about noteworthy and lesser-known sites of the Hungarian capital have been made available in English as well.

Now, in order to soothe their readers’ hunger for more English articles about the treasures of Budapest, they founders of the blog have partnered with Helpers Hungary, a leading provider of immigration, business and language solutions for anyone choosing Hungary as their new headquarters. Helpers, owned and operated by Budapest locals since 2004, is a one-stop-shop for foreigners and their families in Hungary. Making use of their “insider” local knowledge as well as legal, financial and administrative expertise in matters specific to their foreign clientele, they offer stress-free and cost-effective solutions. Expats settling in Hungary and businessmen setting up a business in Europe can rely on the expertise of Helpers in all fields of life, ranging from company formation through resident permit application, or any kind of personal assistance.

Helpers also has its own, full-fledged translation agency, tailored for corporate clients, providing top-notch translations in various fields. Daily news, marketing materials, documents on telecommunication, the energy industry or pharmaceutics are handled with equal ease by the adept team of native translators and skilled project managers.
This partnership truly represents the best of Budapest: the bloggers provide the exclusive know-how and tips, while Helpers makes sure that none of the local flavour of the posts is lost in translation. We hope our joint efforts will win your heart for our beautiful city.

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