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Anthony Bourdain came, he saw, and he ate in Hungary

2015.06.29. 09:23 | Gergő Helpers

CNN aired a Hungary-centric episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown a couple of weeks ago. You can watch the episode by clicking on the link below, at least until CNN’s lawyers have it taken down.  I think it turned out quite well. It serves good-sized portions of the arts, culture and…

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Exploring Budapest’s most exciting square: Part II - Csiga

2015.06.26. 12:54 | Gergő Helpers

In Central Budapest, you’ll find a square that’s been revived from the dead, so to speak. In the past, it had one of the worst reputations in the city, but these days it’s being rediscovered as a place where new and old architecture stand side-by-side in harmony. Rákóczi Square contains…

Tags: pub gastro neighborhoods rákóczi square

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What are these strange cement blocks on the Danube embankment?

2015.06.23. 13:15 | Gergő Helpers

Near Gellért Square, on the side of the embankment, we noticed some peculiar cement blocks: Once we took a closer look, we realized what they are: seats. Made of cement. They are dreadfully simple and an even more dreadfully practical solution to facilitate our plopping down on the…

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How to operate a bakery without a baker

2015.06.19. 10:47 | Gergő Helpers

A friend recently sent me a message about a good bakery, asking if I’d been there myself. It’s in Buda in Maros Street, where else, but near Széll Kálmán Square, the Mecca of Hungarian bakeries. I hadn’t seen it yet, but I told him I would go check it out. When I found myself in the area,…

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Zoska: where the morning starts off better than it really should

2015.06.15. 12:39 | Gergő Helpers

We have to admit that articles dedicated to breakfast locations have become few and far between around these parts, even though a few really good locations have opened in the past year. So let’s set our sights on remedying the situation. We need to address this shortcoming since we’re planning a…

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