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The first year anniversary of one of Budapest’s best and worst memorials

2015.07.29. 11:08 | Gergő Helpers

There’s this “thing” on Szabadság Square, which was erected a year ago in total secrecy in memory of the German occupation, and which has serious shortcomings both aesthetically and with respect to its message. It’s quite kitsch and looks as if the construction manager of a gated…

Tags: cult city

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A great lunch where you would never expect it – Castro Bistro

2015.07.24. 12:31 | Gergő Helpers

Following up on our sightseeing in Madrid post, let’s get to a lunch in Budapest prepared by the chef who joined us in the Spanish capital with his wife as the winner of the Vodafone competition. No, really! During our trip, we learned that our traveling companion Jani is the chef at Castro…

Tags: gastro lunch lunch menu

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Csontváry: The Hungarian painter loved by Picasso

2015.07.22. 09:40 | Gergő Helpers

In recent decades, Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry has become a true national hero. After all, he has all the necessary attributes: he was only celebrated after his time, his canon of work is not only spectacular, but also unique, and his contemporaries in Hungarian society treated him as all future…

Tags: art cult exhibition

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People stopped in front of the entrance and smiled – La Nube

2015.07.19. 10:02 | Gergő Helpers

  We need more places like this. A lot of them. La Nube’s entrance is simple and opens from a small side street off Bartók Béla Road. Beneath its name, they simply added in small letters: Café, Tapas. La Nube does not feature overthought minimalist design, it doesn’t contain trendy…

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Thank you, for treating me as a human being

2015.07.15. 15:02 | Gergő Helpers

One of the things from history class that not everyone fully grasped is that if you encounter a suffering person struggling with a problem, you can’t just kick them aside like a soccer ball in the hopes that someone else will take care of them. In part because it’s inhuman, as well as because…

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