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An amazing lamb sandwich in Budapest: BESTIA!

2015.08.28. 16:58 | Gergő Helpers

It’s relatively rare these days for me to find some kind of food in Budapest where I’m smiling as I stuff it into my mouth because it’s so new and good. In the glory days of the blog at the start of the gastro revolution, there was always something new and exciting to report on daily, but…

Tags: gastro

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Exploring Budapest’s most exciting square: Part III - Oinos

2015.08.26. 16:41 | Gergő Helpers

In Central Budapest, you’ll find a square that’s been revived from the dead, so to speak. In the past, it had one of the worst reputations in the city, but these days it’s being rediscovered as a place where new and old architecture stand side-by-side in harmony. Rákóczi Square contains…

Tags: gastro italian neighborhoods rákóczi square

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The Buddog – the Budapest hot dog – has arrived

2015.08.21. 10:10 | Gergő Helpers

You always need to experiment and invent new things, otherwise no one will be interested in what you have to offer ever since the street food revolution arrived in Budapest. There are just too many good options, so you have to stand out from the crowd. And then so it happened that one day a food…

Tags: gastro fast food

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In search of the Mahung secret

2015.08.19. 13:08 | Gergő Helpers

Not long ago, I wrote about Péter, the owner of the Mahung Gastrojuice Vegabistro Veganpub, who I met years ago in a produce market. At the time he prepared (or “Mahunged”) five types of smoothies, as the sign in the window stated, which today has expanded to over 300 drinks with the most…

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Oriental Soup House: Fantastic Asian soups prepared right in front of your eyes

2015.08.16. 11:19 | Gergő Helpers

Újlipótváros, the southern part of District XIII, is a peculiar area, for although the locals would have the means to support nice restaurants if they were to open in the area, you’ll only find a handful of options. Although it contains one of Budapest’s best…

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