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Two bloggers who love Budapest telling you why, with the support of Helpers, Hungary’s leading business and immigration services provider.

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Sensational lunch at the trendiest place of all: KIOSK

2015.04.12. 11:00 | Gergő Helpers

It used to be that we had something worthwhile to say about every second eating experience, but now we’re lucky if even one in four is worth writing about. And it’s even more uncommon to find a place we’re really crazy about, the way we used to be when we first started reviewing restaurants.…

Tags: gastro

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My favorite baker has just opened a new store: Pékműhely

2015.04.11. 10:46 | Gergő Helpers

The store is hard to find:   Even when you get closer, it would be hard to find out what’s going on inside. But this is only because the store is so new that it doesn’t even have a sign yet. Anyway, it’s cozy, homey and clean inside, although you might be taken aback by the decor, which…

Tags: gastro baker bakery bake shop

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A fantastic party place with eats opens in the city center: Cirkusz

2015.04.10. 17:32 | Gergő Helpers

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t be writing about another sandwich place in Budapest because there has been so much about fast food on the blog lately that we should be starting to change our image. This, however, is not a typical case. The venue is the recently opened Cirkusz on Dob…

Tags: budapest gastro

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Tracking down the best Hungarian: ÉS bisztró

2015.04.10. 17:31 | Gergő Helpers

This place is owned by Roy Zsiday, who already has three restaurants in Budapest – 21, Pest-Buda and Pierrot. He’s also the guy who opened Spíler last September in Gozsdu Court. At the time I was just joking when I ended the article by saying I think that after taking Buda house by house, Roy…

Tags: gastro the best hungarian ÉS snack bar

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Best of Budapest (a.k.a. A Day in the City) partners with Helpers Hungary

2015.04.10. 17:31 | Gergő Helpers

The bloggers at Best of Budapest – also the founders of the greatly successful Hungarian trend-setter blog called Egy Nap a Városban [A Day in the City] – love to roam the streets of the city and by now they really know Budapest by heart. Now, in order to soothe their readers’ hunger for more…

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