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Fantastic Mediterranean party place with eats to open in Budapest: Mazel Tov

2015.04.19. 17:43 | Gergő Helpers

There are places that are definitely missing in Budapest, but you don’t realize it until they aren’t missing anymore. Deep within the recesses of my mind I’ve always thought that Budapest could really use a bright, well-designed cultural entertainment center with a Mediterranean atmosphere –…

Tags: fun gastro

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Laci!Konyha! - The pleasure kitchen

2015.04.17. 17:01 | Gergő Helpers

I won’t waste time describing the place. It’s pretty much the way it always has been, and the quality is just as sensational. There are very few restaurants in the neighborhood that can be taken seriously. Laci, however, is one of the country’s finest restaurants. It’s fantastic. They offer…

Tags: gastro lunch lunch menu

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One of the best pastry shops moves to Budapest: Zazzi

2015.04.16. 14:58 | Gergő Helpers

Zazzi has always been a special place, but a lot of the pleasure was ruined by the hour-long trip to get there. And when you feel like eating some kind of sweet treat, it’s not like you want to wait an hour for it. If your carbohydrate overdose is more than ten minutes away, you’ll pull a…

Tags: gastro dessert cake

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Funky Pho: The chili served with the pho will knock your socks off

2015.04.15. 10:38 | Gergő Helpers

The guys who make the food are very nice. They’re friendly and you can tell they are really into their business. They have a lot more respect for their guests than most places, and they seem to be proud of their pho, which is obvious from the way they serve it. Look how nice the soup…

Tags: gastro pho vietnamese

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Sonkapult: ham at noon, in the evening and in the MORNING!

2015.04.14. 11:40 | Gergő Helpers

It’s great that the city is full of breakfast places, but many of them don’t open till 9 or 10 am. Everybody is already at work or school by then, and you could have a thousand reasons why you can’t plant yourself down for a bite. This is one of the most important things Sonkapult (Ham…

Tags: gastro ham sandwich

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