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Two bloggers who love Budapest telling you why, with the support of Helpers, Hungary’s leading business and immigration services provider.

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Budapest’s ruin pubs are among the world’s best free activities

2015.05.18. 10:46 | Gergő Helpers

The best things in life are free We hear this proposition frequently, and Coco Chanel allegedly supplemented it by stating that the second best things are ridiculously expensive. There is no list, however, that specifically mentions what these things are. Any list that purports to contain them…

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Spas in Budapest: the list

2015.04.20. 12:09 | Gergő Helpers

We have been trying out spas since February, and floating in hot thermal water has made it much easier to bear the otherwise not terribly severe winter this year. We checked out seven places run by Budapest Spa, and it’s now time to summarize our findings. We started with Király Spa, one of the…

Tags: fun budapest tourist city spa toplist

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A fantastic party place with eats opens in the city center: Cirkusz

2015.04.10. 17:32 | Gergő Helpers

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t be writing about another sandwich place in Budapest because there has been so much about fast food on the blog lately that we should be starting to change our image. This, however, is not a typical case. The venue is the recently opened Cirkusz on Dob…

Tags: budapest gastro

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Jack’s Burger: Hungarian burger for the world domination

2015.02.24. 08:04 | boussa

Nowadays Budapest is really lively, regarding to the hamburgers, although we have to say it is always lively. In the last weeks several new burger places had their grand openings. According to Adam, there is one, which could easily be on our top list: for this we must have the same opinion so soon I…

Tags: budapest gastro go-out premium fast food

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Brody Studios: we still have patrons in Budapest

2015.02.19. 08:05 | boussa

We have already written about the Brody House. We have been to the place before. They had a brilliant event in connection with fashion. I think fashion is quite boring, however I’ve been watching the performance tensely for more than two hours. Many things have happened in the club’s life since…

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