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Two bloggers who love Budapest telling you why, with the support of Helpers, Hungary’s leading business and immigration services provider.

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Angus beef arrives at Zing!

2015.07.10. 09:41 | Gergő Helpers

Ever since we first discovered them, one of our favorite burger places in the city has been Zing. This needs no explanation, judging from how busy they get during the day. Their concept is quite straightforward: good quality ingredients, carefully selected importers, a little experimentation with…

Tags: gastro

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Meals by one of Budapest’s most famous refugees - Begum All Modina

2015.07.02. 12:38 | Gergő Helpers

World Refugee Day was on June 20th. To mark the occasion, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees launched a billboard campaign to promote awareness. Four refugees who came to Hungary are introduced through the billboards. These individuals love the country where they now live and work. By…

Tags: indian gastro refugee bangladeshi

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Exploring Budapest’s most exciting square: Part II - Csiga

2015.06.26. 12:54 | Gergő Helpers

In Central Budapest, you’ll find a square that’s been revived from the dead, so to speak. In the past, it had one of the worst reputations in the city, but these days it’s being rediscovered as a place where new and old architecture stand side-by-side in harmony. Rákóczi Square contains…

Tags: pub gastro neighborhoods rákóczi square

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The most decadent crêpes ever: the Sziget Restaurant

2015.06.11. 12:51 | Gergő Helpers

Whenever a long weekend comes along, we always recommend you make a quick trip outside of Budapest, and on this occasion we’ll show you a place worth checking out in Gödöllő. Gödöllő is in itself a good destination as it’s where you’ll find the Grassalkovich Palace and the Máriabesnyő…

Tags: gastro countryside Gödöllő

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Exploring Budapest’s most exciting square: Part I

2015.06.02. 12:06 | Gergő Helpers

So which one am I thinking of when I say Budapest’s most exciting square? Here it is: And why is this Budapest’s most exciting square? Because when they filled in the giant hole they dug for the Metro 4 station construction works and removed the graffiti-covered plywood sheets that…

Tags: gastro city neighborhoods rákóczi square

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