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Two bloggers who love Budapest telling you why, with the support of Helpers, Hungary’s leading business and immigration services provider.

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The best fast food eateries in Budapest - 2013

2015.05.11. 16:44 | Gergő Helpers

[The original article was posted on June 11, 2013] Let’s start with Leves. (Soup) and Pasta. – both are classic examples in their category, although the latter will only open in March after several other similar pasta places. Leves. led the soup revolution in Budapest while Pasta. followed the…

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The best fast food places in Budapest 2014

2015.05.04. 12:57 | Gergő Helpers

So, here's our top list of fast food places in Budapest, in no particular order, as they are all outstanding. Let's see what we have. Bors: you can never grow tired of their sandwich called brain dead. Brains, jalapeño, crispy baguette. They’re constantly experimenting, so you have little…

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The best vegetarian restaurants in Budapest – TOPLIST

2015.04.27. 10:38 | Gergő Helpers

As far as I can tell, Budapest doesn’t really have a group capable of bringing the same care and professionalism to a vegetarian restaurant that our tops chefs guarantee in the world of bistros. I can still assemble an unenthusiastic list, however, which can be used to check out the world of…

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Spas in Budapest: the list

2015.04.20. 12:09 | Gergő Helpers

We have been trying out spas since February, and floating in hot thermal water has made it much easier to bear the otherwise not terribly severe winter this year. We checked out seven places run by Budapest Spa, and it’s now time to summarize our findings. We started with Király Spa, one of the…

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