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Finally here is the rummage sex shop!

2013.09.11. 23:07 | boussa

Attention! The following post is about a rummage sex shop. Only those who aren’t afraid of what we have found inside shall read on!

If only you knew for how long I’ve been thinking of getting through this entrance:


It gives a special, instinctive perversion coming from deep inside when you see the words ’sex’ and ’rummage’ next to each other. As if someone would sell ’humanburger’ or ’friendly execution’. You beleive and doubt it.

As a matter of fact it ain’t easy to think that a rummage sex shop could be good. But it is always in your mind, because of the question: what could be inside? Dumped dildos? Used condoms? A silicone vagina, which was overly enlarged at an outrageous party?  Thousands of questions, but in the past year since I've found this place my curiosity couldn’t defeat my resistance.

But finally in the past days I grabbed the door handle and I stepped into THE SHOP.

So there aren’t such exciting things you think of because of the name of the shop. There are sex toys indeed, but they aren't second hand toys. They are rather outlets: out-of-fashion dildos, old, black and yellow thingies with pumps dumped together into a box.

fotó 3.JPG

And all the others: DVD-s and magazines. You can also find some Kretén magazines (Hungarian humour magazine between 1994-2009) and some papers with fart jokes, but they sell mostly porn, but they don’t even look used. They are obviously old but they are covered in foil and waiting to be bought by someone. Maybe they are unsold magazines bought off by the retailer and now he would like to sell it this way. Anyway it is more reassuring than thinking of someone had been using them before.

fotó 1.JPG

At least there isn't any problem with the DVD-s. The discs are quite far from the user while they are using it, so you can also eagerly buy the used ones. The films are around 1000 HUf and you can find several types of it.

fotó 2.JPG

Mainly that’s all. Two little rooms, magazines, DVD-s and out-of-fashion vibrators are inside for a reasonable price. There are no silicone implants taken back from the bank as a loan or used porn actress in the shop.

Retro Szexturkáló
Dob utca 17.

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